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What better way to go into Shavuos than by joining the Time4Mishna daily mishnayos program, learning 4 mishnayos a day and completing shas mishnayos in 4 years, with a time commitment of JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY! And what perfect time too - we're starting a new masechta (Tamid) today!
You'll receive a 15 minute audio shiur each day from Sunday-Thursday, and Friday and Shabbos are reserved for chazara to retain the material.

Sign up now on, and get started already with the shiur and mishna text for the first mishna of the masechta, attached.
(Today's mishnayos are the last 3 mishnayos of Maseches Meilah, and the first mishna of Maseches Tamid. Attached is the last part of the shiur for the first mishna of Tamid.)

Our daily shiurim are available on WhatsApp, Podcasts, TorahAnytime and on the Time4Mishna app.

We want to take the opportunity to also thank you for taking part in Project עת לכל נשמה.

Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions regarding the program.

Hatzlacha, and have a great yom tov!

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