Mishnayos Shiurim

Parshas Bereishis - The Great Heights Man Can Reach

Parshas Noach - Did Noach believe there would be a flood or not?

Parshas Vayeira - Avrohom Avinu's fanaticism for chessed and it's connection to Emunah

Parshas Chayei Sara - How did Soroh Imeinu even think that she had a good life after all she had been through?

Parshas Toldos - It's all about self worth!

Parshas Vayetzei- Finding Hashem at home

Parshas Vayishlach - it's not all or nothing

Parshas Vayeishev & Erev Chanukah - I can see You! Short devar Torah, meaningful message and great story

Chanukah - Miracles then & now!

Parshas Mikeitz: This Chanuka see what is right under your nose

Parshas Vayigash; Reframing our relationships.

Parshas Vayechi - Life giving smiles

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