Morning Brachos

Mishnayos Shiurim

17) Intro to brachos

18) Hashem is so near yet so far

19) A hundred silver opportunities

20) The heart of the matter

21) Adon Olam. Closing the circle

22) Adon Olam. My Personal Master

23) Yigdal. A Direct Line

24) Al netilas yadayim. Elevate Your Hands

25) Asher Yatzar. Appreciating the chochma in our digestive system.

26) Asher Yatzar. Hashem takes care of all our needs.

27) ‘Creating’ Darkness

28) The Miracle Within

29) Asher Yatzar. From the Highest Place

37. Asher Yatzar. The greatest wonder.

38. Elokai Neshama. Inherent Purity.

39. Elokai Neshama. 5 levels of the soul.

41. Elokai Neshama. Confirming our beliefs.

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