Brachos on the Torah

Mishnayos Shiurim

43. Birkos Hashachar 1. More than Just a Bird Brain!

44. Birkos Hashachar 2. The ability to discern.

45. Birkos Hashachar 3. Thank you Hashem for not making me …

46. Birkos Hashachar 4. A Jew through and through.

47. Birkos Hashachar 5. A Blessed Nation.

48. Birkos hashachar 6. We all have an equal role to play.

49. Birkos hashachar 7. The is no one as free as one who is a slave to the truth.

51. Pokeach ivrim. A sight to behold.

52. Pokeach ivrim. The miracle of eyesight!

53. Pokeach ivrim. From sight to insight.

54. Malbish arumim. The meaning behind our clothes.

55. Matir asurim. Leaving your inner prison

56. Birkos hashachar. A means to a much higher end.

57. Zokef kefufim. With our head held high.

59. She asa li kol tzorki. More than just a pair of shoes.

60. Hameichin mitzadei gaver. Just like a game of chess.

61. Ozer yisrael bigvura. True strength

62. Oter Yisrael besifara. True glory.

63. Nosein la yaef Koach. Supernatural strength.

64. Hamaavir Sheina. Spiritual slumber.

65. Hamaavir Sheina. Developing a sense of attachment

66. Hamaavir Sheina. From me to we.

67. Hamaavir Sheina. A shocking mistranslation.

68. Hamaavir Sheina. Facing up to our challenges.

69. Hamaavir Sheina. How to avoid eternal shame.

70. Hamaavir Sheina. Who calls the shots?

72. Hamaavir sheina. Everything needs balance.

72. Hamaavir sheina. Of grace and favour

73. Hamaavir sheina. Concluding words.

74. Yehi razton. Anticipating the day’s challenges.

75. Yehi ratzon. Overcoming the satan.

75. Understanding Yehi ratzon

76. Confronting our fears

77. Leolam: The secret shema

78. leolam yehei adam. Striving higher.

79. Leolam yehei adam. Our private lives

80. Leolam yehei Adam. Living with yiras shamayim.

82. Leolam yehei adam. A concealed world.

83. Leolam yehei adam. The need for Divine mercy

84. Leolam yehei adam. What has mankind really accomplished?

85. Leolam yehei adam. Seventh Hevel

86. Leolam yehei adam. Our mission.

87. Leolam yehei adam. The Jewish journey.

88. Ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu. It’s incredible to be a Jew!

89. Ata Hu Hashem. The limits of our understanding

90. Mekadesh shmo barabbim. A bracha on kiddush Hashem.

91. Ata Hu. True hope

92. Ata Hu. In the Heavens and on Earth

93. Ata Hu. The one thing Hitler got right

94. Ata Hu. A shared destiny

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