Mishnayos Shiurim

95. An introduction to Korbanos.

96. Finding meaning in the Korban Tamid.

97. Achieving Closeness through a Korban

98. Korbanos - define your terms.

99. When Korbanos Elevate.

100. The special power of Rosh Chodesh offerings.

101. The Power of Wine

102. Eizehu Mekoman. The structure of the beis hamikdash

103. The significance of the different sides of the Beis Hamikdash

104. Understanding the place of Kodshei Kodshim

105. Appreciating Kodshei Kalim.

106 the power of the Yom Kippur offerings

107. The incredible lesson of the burnt bulls

108. Cornered! The significance of the various corners of the altar.

109. Shlamim. Turning your home into a Temple.

110. Bechor Maaser and Pesach. Seeing Hashem as our partner.

111. Intro to R’ Yishmael and understanding kal ve chomer

112. Hypertext links, meta principles and reversible rules

113. Of specifics and generalisations.

114. More about specifics and generalisations

115. The final two principles (and what happened at Har Sinai?)

116. A prayer to rebuild

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