Mishnayos Shiurim

201. Intro to the power of Ashrei

202. How saying Ashrei three times a day gains us a place in the world to come.

203. We are so incredibly fortunate

204. Wherever you go

205. Sitting straight.

206. Eternal bliss

207. Constant happiness

208. Hashem’s small requests

216. Ashrei. We are so so fortunate.

217 powerful affirmations

218. A deep acceptance

219. The simcha of being connected to Hashem

220. Connecting to Dovid Hamelech

221. Dovid’s praise.

222. Feeling Hashem’s closeness

223. Don’t take success for granted

224 praising Hashem for all eternity

225. Be in the moment

226. Constant blessings

227. How to live on forever

228. How big is Hashem?

229. A drop in the ocean

230. Passing on the torch

231. The greatest investment of all

232. Things that get better over time.

233. Every generation makes its own unique contribution

234. The power of mighty acts

235. Inner and outer beauty

236. The journey to a perfect world

237. Elevating the conversation

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