Yehi Chevod

Mishnayos Shiurim

174. Intro to Yehi Kevod. A glorious chapter.

175 Yehi kevod. Revealing Hashem

176. The Sun sings praises.

177. Our own personal sunrises and sunsets.

178. The sun’s cycle, Avraham’s journey and our understanding of Hashem.

180. It’s not all about the miracles

181. Feeling Hashem’s presence

182. Rejoicing in His Kingship

184 Divine protection

185. Trust Hashem’s plan

186. Hashem gives us the power

187. Hold on tight. Moshiach is on his way!

188. Four ‘keys’ to success

189. Constant creation

190. Hashem’s desire to dwell amongst us

191. The unique power of the Jewish nation

192. Yaakov - Hashem’s chosen one.

193. A National Treasure.

194. A Treasured Nation

195. A Glowing Nation

196. A very deep connection

197. How to access Hashem’s mercy

198. Being held by a silver cord.

199. He doesn’t vent His full anger.

200. Answer us today!

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