Dear [name],

Thank you for signing up to Project עת לכל נשמה!
The first alert will be sent this Sunday iy"H for you to learn your allocated mishna:

Each alert will ask you to learn your mishna לעילוי נשמת a given number of those who have passed away during the Coronavirus.

But we need YOUR help to make sure that we reach enough people to complete all of shas mishnayos. So please share the video and poster with as many of your friends as you can.
In addition, if you have contact details of Rabbonim/Gabboim in your community who could help us spread the program even more, please send them to us.

If you'd like to receive the alert via WhatsApp, please WhatsApp your name to +447552628361.

Have a great Shabbos,
בשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות,