Dear [name],

Thank you again for signing up to Project עת לכל נשמה. You have probably been wondering why only one alert has been sent out since the launch of the Project. This is because due to our aim to finish ALL of shisha sidrei mishna together, as well as feedback that it's pretty difficult to learn just one mishna situated in the middle of a perek without any context, we have decided to relaunch Project עת לכל נשמה for everybody to take on 4 mishnayos each, the quota of mishnayos learnt daily in the Time4Mishna program.

Therefore, you have been re-allocated with the following 4 mishnayos:

You can find a 15 minute shiur on your specific 4 mishnayos on, as well as many written resources which you might be interested in using.
After learning your 4 mishnayos the first time, it will take just a few minutes to review them each time that we send out an alert.

We will be sending out 2 alerts a week until Shavuos, beginning from the beginning of next week.

If you would prefer to drop out of the Project, please let us know.

We apologise for any misunderstandings, and want to take the opportunity to thank you for being a part of this Kiddush Hashem.

Click here to see the new video for the relaunch of the project:

All the best,