Torah Shiurim

August 3rd, 2009
by Rabbi Royale Schonbrun

In these times, we find ourselves living through tremendous upheavals. From the world-wide economic crisis to the very serious situation in Eretz Yisroel to the many unfortunate cases of personal suffering in our communities, we are all looking for something to latch onto to help us get through these difficult times..

When we look at the suffering that is occurring in our communities around the world, we must ask ourselves what God wants from us at this time. How should we be reacting to the suffering? How can we use these tests as an opportunity to grow closer to God? These are questions that are very difficult for us to answer.

This website is designed to help us do just that. The website was designed by Rabbi Royale Schonbrun, author of Side by Side: Walking with God, after he went through a difficult time when his newborn son was born with Hirshprung’s Syndrome. The site contains lectures on understanding Tefilah as well us a weekly parsha sheet that focuses on helping a person glean ideas from the parsha that will help him grow in his relationship with God and in his service of Him. The site will constantly be updated with shiurim and other information relating to this topic.

A more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Man and God can be found in the new book Side by Side :Walking with God available shortly in your local Judaica store or directly from Targum Press. All proceeds will be used solely for reprinting the book.

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  1. Jack Sandler Bloom Says:

    Side by Side: Walking with God is a brilliant book and I recommend it to every Jewish person to learn about suffering and its meaning in this world.

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